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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

the excitement is real.

I can't believe it's here.  I have one final week left at work.  Seven days from today I will be a free woman starting an entirely new journey in a new place.  I'm completely overwhelmed with excitement, emotion and amazement that we are ACTUALLY doing this.  I lay awake most nights and just think of all the possibilities and adventures that await us in Florida.

I've had the same "real job" for most of my adult career and I got to the highest point I could within the company over the last 15 years.  I'm more than ready to move on!!!  I leave behind an unbreakable company sales record, many life lessons and lots of memories.  It's been hard to let go of something that I worked so hard to build and I didn't in the beginning but I am now embracing my short time left.  Handing it over to the newer, younger and hungrier ones than myself and feeling excited for my future.  I'm ready for a change of pace in life and career and hope to follow my passions of photography and animal conservation.  I can't wait to live a different life and start a new chapter as a soon to be married couple.

We currently have boxes to the ceiling and just enough clothes and food left out to make it a week!  So we are ready to go!!! Last minute details like change of address, cleaning and prepping the babies (and ourselves) for the long car ride are basically all that's left.

Enjoy some random vacation photos of use enjoying our new home back in 2013.  Back when it was just wishful thinking:)

Excited for this final week in columbus, ohio.  St. Pete, FL here we come!